RPX Project Update #1

4 min readJun 5, 2021


As part of our commitment to the project and ensuring transparency, we are committing ourselves to provide updates to the project from time to time. This is the first of many to come, and we hope you follow along as we embark on this journey.

Launch Summary

Thank you for your overwhelming support during our project launch at 15:00 UTC. We had over 1500 members in our telegram group during our fair-launch at PancakeSwap and has grown to over 2,200 members during the time of writing.

From a trading perspective, we had over 3654 transfers of RPX tokens with current token holders at 1,136 addresses in just over 12 hours!

As you know from our tokenomics, we have a 10% tax on all buy & sell transactions. Based on our rough calculations, over 712 BNB worth of trade occurred for RPX since launch, which is about USD 291,920 (1 BNB = $410). Out of which USD 14,596 worth of RPX has been distributed across all the token holders (5% tax).

RPX Foundation

Part of our commitment to the project is through the RPX Foundation wallet where we collect 5% of the transaction. Half of this is allocated for project expenses (marketing, development, etc) and another half of this goes to our Token Buyback mechanism where we use to increase our pool of Game Tokens to be used as part of the game reward mechanism — to ensure that we can continue rewarding users who plays our RPX games when they launch.

We have completed our first buy-back today at a total of 16 BNB during time of purchase.

16 BNB was spent to buyback RPX token in a series of a continuous transaction

The transactions can be reviewed at the wallet address through BSCScan in the link below.

Marketing Spend

Our team is dedicated to consistently spend on Marketing to promote the project to a wider audience, even before launch. These have yet to be taken out from the RPX Foundation address wallet, as we are using funds from our own wallet for now (these spendings will be deducted from the RPX wallet accordingly, the team is just too busy to focus on the project for now).

Below are a summary of the marketing campaigns that have been spent so far

Reddit Campaign (Pre-Launch, 3rd June 2021, 1.30 PM UTC) Cost : 0.2 BNB

Reddit Campaign (Pre-Launch, 4th June 2021, 1:38PM UTC) Cost : 0.2 BNB

Twitter Campaign (Post-Launch, 4th June, 4:17 PM UTC) Cost: 0.6 BNB

Over 1.1k Retweets during the time of writing, 600+ likes

Twitter Campaign (Post-Launch, 4th June 5:37 PM UTC) Cost: 0.32 BNB

Over 1k Retweets during the time of writing, 500+ likes

Multi-platform Campaign by MoonShots by Miloud (Post Launch, 5th June 3:09 AM UTC) Cost:2.25BNB

Total Spent for Marketing so far: 3.57 BNB (~USD 1500)

Project Operations

Contract Deployment

We spent about 0.2 BNB in total to deploy and test several contracts. Some of the contracts were used to mask during the launch in order to trap potential bots sniffing LP.

Initial Liquidity

A total of 3 BNB was spent for the initial liquidity of the project.

Liquidity Lock and Dev Token Lock

A total of 0.5 BNB was spent for locking the Liquidity Pool and the 10% Game Rewards Token allocated as requested by the community.

DxLock for the 10% Game Rewards Token which will be unlocked in 3 months, should give enough time for devs to build and release the working game by then

Web Server Hosting and Creative Assets

For the purpose of Web Hosting, SSL Certificates, Licensing of Creative Assets used for the projects, a total of 0.6 BNB was spent

Additional Expenses

The project team decided that we should reward ourselves with a good meal for having gone through the launch. A total of 0.5 BNB is allocated for Launch Celebration

In total, for Project Operations, 4.8 BNB have been spent for the project. This amount will be deducted from the RPX Foundation.

What’s Next

On the development of the project, we are going to start working on the initial concepts and technical overview of the first prototype of the RPX game. More details will be shared when they are ready.

On the marketing side of things, marketing activities will continue to happen and will be shared in the Telegram group from time to time. We look to provide another similar summary update at the next internal to ensure transparency and continuous communication with the RPX Community.

Thanks again for jumping into our project and we look forward to making this a successful project for everyone. If you haven’t checked out our whitepaper, please do so at www.rockpaperx.com