RPX Project Update #1

Launch Summary

Thank you for your overwhelming support during our project launch at 15:00 UTC. We had over 1500 members in our telegram group during our fair-launch at PancakeSwap and has grown to over 2,200 members during the time of writing.

RPX Foundation

Part of our commitment to the project is through the RPX Foundation wallet where we collect 5% of the transaction. Half of this is allocated for project expenses (marketing, development, etc) and another half of this goes to our Token Buyback mechanism where we use to increase our pool of Game Tokens to be used as part of the game reward mechanism — to ensure that we can continue rewarding users who plays our RPX games when they launch.

16 BNB was spent to buyback RPX token in a series of a continuous transaction

Marketing Spend

Our team is dedicated to consistently spend on Marketing to promote the project to a wider audience, even before launch. These have yet to be taken out from the RPX Foundation address wallet, as we are using funds from our own wallet for now (these spendings will be deducted from the RPX wallet accordingly, the team is just too busy to focus on the project for now).

Over 1.1k Retweets during the time of writing, 600+ likes
Over 1k Retweets during the time of writing, 500+ likes

Project Operations

Contract Deployment

DxLock for the 10% Game Rewards Token which will be unlocked in 3 months, should give enough time for devs to build and release the working game by then

What’s Next

On the development of the project, we are going to start working on the initial concepts and technical overview of the first prototype of the RPX game. More details will be shared when they are ready.



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